Welcome to TSC

Your Trusted IT Partner.

TSC direct partner with SolarWinds Co.
We are the only partner for
Heat-Software Co. in KSA.

Proud of

Welcome to TSC

Your Trusted IT Partner .

Do you know an IT company that cares about their clients more than anything else?

TSC is your trusted Saudi IT company, really it is something that you can trust, trust their deliverables, trust their results, and trust their commitments.



Technologies & communication makes our life easier and enjoyable, and we would like to be the first company that provide this easy and fun to the whole world, with an enjoyable environment in a friendly house.

Proud of our national competencies.


TSC provides multiple services within the field of information technology, depending in four major facts:

Credibility Quick Response
High CommitmentsQualified Deliverables

TSC Services

TSC services are conducted by professionals with significant IT industry experience and operating in focused selective functional areas.
These areas covering the services that related to each other in order to assure the full integration between them perfectly and in an optimum level. our services focused to serve the enterprise environments in a large scale.

are our major portfolio, with a continues expansion and improvement for all the aspects.
Headquarter Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Proud of our National Competencies
More than 415 Clients

Info Security

  • Encryption Techologies
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Traffic filtering
  • Access control
  • Cyber security


Cabling, trenching, Conduits …etc
LAN, WAN, DC, WLAN, traffic engineering …etc

Data Center

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data migration
  • Cloud computing
  • Storage
  • Power & Energy
  • Cooling
  • Fire fighting
  • Water Protection


  • Incident handling
  • Process & Procedures
  • Ticketing & Service Maintenance
  • SOC & NOC
  • Command Center
  • Dashboards & video walls


  • Instant messages
  • Tele-Presence & Video conferencing
  • IP telephony
  • IP TV
  • Digital Signage

Data Center

Since the Data Center is considered as the backbone of the whole IT environment, we are keen to provide this service, apply and implement it to the fullest, with high level of integration and availability, with considering the future expansion as well.

TSC provide the Data Center service under the Up-Time standardizations in a multiple levels: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 and according to the ISO standard as well. TSC is proud to be one of the donor Up-Time certificate in Saudi Arabia.

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