Tech Stations Co. provides various services in the field of information technology and computing with high quality, all its services concentrate on the infrastructure of the information networks and the information centers including, on-sit works and logistics. Moreover, we also provide monitoring and comprehensive control programs in all aspects of the information technology. Furthermore, Information security is one of the most important services that we present in an innovative and smart manner.


We are looking forward to providing and covering a wide range of IT services in KSA with a 100% of professional Saudi staff and to achieve the highest level of reliability for our customers. In addition, we have an ambitious to export technology not to import it by creating a good environment of information technology which could adopts Saudi minds who have the ambitious to go beyond the local boundaries and to contribute to build the community with a local production. We work hard to achieve our vision and to be a good representative of our nation and religion in the field of information technology.


Professional Saudi employees.

One of the most important elements of success in our company is that a professional Saudi employees.

High qualified Saudi staff engineers

We have a number of high qualified Saudi staff engineers, and technicians which allow us to provide services with honesty, professionalism and credibility.

Delivering all projects before the deadline

We are proud of delivering all projects before the deadline period with full Customers satisfaction.

Our Clients


Tech Stations Co. is proud to achieve a verity of important customers in KSA. We believe that they are strongly contributed to our success in such a short period. Most importantly, we always are seeking for our customer’s satisfaction in all our projects and works that we provide. We are also happy to keep a good relationship with them. We also appreciate their trust, and we will do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve.