• Devices will not be
    well-configured on the first try

    A Deep Look into Your Configurations

Configuration Review

The first step of proofing and testing is to perform configuration review for your devices. Most configurations will never mature unless reviewed for a second time. Usually, the review will recommend a series of modifications and adjustments, especially when someone adds a new device to the network, some parts of the configuration are missing, or some integration requirements are missing. All these will definitely affect cybersecurity level.

Our mission here is to ensure the most suitable configurations, paying attention to integration via a horizontal overview for all components. We divide our configuration review service into three sub-services:

The true value of these reviews are the results, which will show gaps and weaknesses along with mismatching configuration that causes conflicts. It will also provide a full explanation on how to resolve and recover by following best practices for each device and system.

The review journey goes through:

Our services in this regard does not end here; it is our pleasure to go the extra mile and fix the configuration gaps if needed through our experts and engineers.

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