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    Cybersecurity Assessment and Audit

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity Audit


It is the delivery of a more in-depth evaluation of performance against controls. Assessments include some sort of impact measure or an interpretation of the effectiveness of the area under assessment.

It is the evaluation of performance against specifications, standards, controls, or guidelines. This is a checklist exercise with evaluation against a list of controls called the controls library.


It forms a complete picture of the status of your cybersecurity and identifies security gaps to achieve the highest compliance rating.

It tests and verifies if all controllers comply with specific standards or frameworks.


It is preferable to be at the beginning of reviewing the environment to offer security gap analysis. This time also helps develop an accurate plan that covers all requirements.

It is preferable to be after filling all security gaps defined via the assessment exercise and after the execution of all the necessary actions to ensure they comply with standards or frameworks.

The TSC Cybersecurity Assessment and Audit is a continuous cycle, beginning at the assessment and ending at the audit. The cycle is then repeated on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest level of security. The main goal of repeating these operations is to cope with the dynamic changes any company undergoes in the environment, infrastructure, business needs, expansions, etc. All such changes can and will open the door for new challenges for the Cybersecurity team to secure their company.

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