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Cybersecurity Assessment

No one can ever truly know the status of their cybersecurity unless they perform a structured assessment exercise that dives deep into their company.

Cybersecurity Assessment is the key to the governance of a company and to the protection of its information assets. If a company does not realize the risks it faces, it will never be able to implement proper and effective protection.

TSC Cybersecurity Assessment services go through three major steps:

TSC follows a comprehensive assessment process performed across all of the company’s assets, including information-processing systems.

Discovery: The assessment will discover all cybersecurity risks and reveal apparent and hidden threats.

Analysis: An analysis of the results exported from the discovery. Here, the risks are categorized and prioritized, and then we define the best measures to mitigate and shut down these risks through clear actions.

Management: Once analysis is complete, the next step to follow is management. Management includes the security measures implemented to reduce the risks and ensure confidentiality, availability, and integrity of sensitive information.

Assessment, in its three steps, is not a one-time activity; the process will be continuously evaluated, monitored, and updated in response to changes in the environment.

Management is one of the most important services any company should adopt, as per the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) recommendations.

Cybersecurity assessment covers multiple domains, and we at TSC cover all these domains according to the company’s needs as the following:

When we commence the assessment process, we follow specific standards or frameworks that should be complied with following the assessment.

National Cybersecurity Authority – Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC – 1: 2018)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies

SANS or SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

General Data Protection Regulation

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Federal Information Security Management Act

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