• Enjoy leading your organization while we ensure its compliance

    Complying by book is the way to becoming protected

Do you think your environment is protected?

Do you believe your company complies with all security controls?

Let us help you answer these questions with a resounding YES. We will help you protect your environment via practical auditing, following cybersecurity standards or frameworks to ensure fully covering all controls.

Our audit usually begins once the assessment and the execution of the solutions are complete, and all gaps are handled. We may sometimes go directly to auditing if the exercise is done before.

Do not waste any more time; if you do not know the current situation of your company’s cybersecurity, we will let you know. We will help you close any gap that may threaten your company by following the regularity booklet to ensure covering all aspects.

Auditing will be the last step as it is used to verify 100% compliance with the certified standard or framework below:

Select the reference

What is the reference (standard or framework) that we will depends on

Build up the matrix

Build up the evaluation criteria which represented as comply matrix

Planning & Timing

Define the required time to
implement the Audit

Scanning & Audit

Implement the Audit and do the required scanning


Analyse the results
of this Audit


Come up with the detailed
findings of the Audit

National Cybersecurity Authority – Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC – 1: 2018)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies

SANS or SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

General Data Protection Regulation

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Federal Information Security Management Act

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