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Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy is an action plan designed to improve the security and resilience of a company and its services.

We do not only develop the Cybersecurity Strategy, but we also embark on the journey of securing your cyber space with you. We start by developing a strategy that covers all possible aspects according to the best practices, and then we follow by helping you execute the strategy onto your environment, implementing all the points outlined in the strategy booklet. Next, we evaluate the strategy, focusing on two parts; the first is checking whether the executed strategy matches the strategy booklet, and the second is checking how much of the strategy the company adopted and benefited from it. We finally monitor whether the company is still functioning in line with the strategy and whether the strategy still serves the company as intended.

Even at this point, our journey is not finished yet; the goal of monitoring the company after executing and evaluating is to continue improving the strategy, updating the strategy booklet, enhancing the action plan for executing the strategy, and keep evaluation ongoing. All this is to ensure:


  • The highest quality for the strategy
  • The strictest adoption of the strategy
  • The largest benefit from the strategy

Through our Cybersecurity Strategy service, we will cover three major pillars:


Educated and empowered employees trained on how to identify and avoid Cyber threats and detect and report phishing emails and other social engineering tactics.



Business and IT processes that can make your company more cyber-resilient, transparent, and compliant. Also, strategies in place will proactively prevent and respond quickly and effectively to cyber-security incidents.


Technology, tools, software, hardware, etc., that can be deployed, integrated, and automated to facilitate the rapid detection and mitigation of threats.

Is it suitable for us?

It sure is because we at TSC design the strategy based on what the company needs; this means we can increase or decrease the scope based on needs. In other words, whatever the size of your company is, we will formulate a strategy that perfectly fits your company to achieve the highest benefit.

Moreover, we divide the scope into multiple parts, which effectively helps any company in prioritizing parts over others or execute certain parts and shift others according to importance, budget limitations, or any other consideration.

How to start?

Each company is different and that is why we are strong disbelievers in the effectiveness of one-size-fits-all solutions. We start by carefully defining the required scope based on the company’s businesses type, its stockholders, plans, and other aspects. Once we define these important factors, we start planning for the strategy project.

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