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Cybersecurity is the practice of defending your computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, programs, and data from malicious attacks.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been exposed to terrorist cyber warfare that aims to destabilize its national security. Using various types of viruses, malware, and modern scamming techniques, attacks were meant to disrupt servers for all vital services in the country, thus affecting its sensitive and vital facilities. Most threats targeted government entities (48%), the energy sector (15%), and the telecommunications sector (11%), which are targets that reflect the threat actors’ intent on affecting the national economy.

With years of experience and accumulated knowledge in cybersecurity, TSC is devoted to improving the cybersecurity standing of the nation and its critical infrastructure by complying with the regulations of the NCSC (National Cybersecurity Centre) in Saudi Arabia.

We deliver cybersecurity services under three major divisions:


Preparing your organization for cybersecurity actions (Governance).


Perform the required actions to protect your organization againest potential attacks.


Ensure that all executed setups are effectively protecting your organization.

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