• Data Wiping and Shredding

    Deleting Data Is Not Enough to Fully Erase the Data

Data Erasing

Wiping is a process that deletes information from a hard drive. It is different from simply moving an item to the trash. When you hit delete, the information is gone from one area, but it is still secure in the hard drive and could be recovered.

Therefore, keeping not-in-use data or believing that deleted data is fully erased is a cybersecurity gap. All not-in-use data and deleted data can be retrieved and re-used by unauthorized persons.

How to erase the data rather than just delete it?

We will recommend one of the above solutions depending on the company and the type of data. The decision in this regard is made depending on a major factor: if the media (hard drives) can be utilized and reused again, we recommend data wiping, and if the media is not usable anymore, we recommend shredding.

Protecting data while storing it or transferring it is mandatory, but also paying attention to the deleted data and assuring that this data will never be used again is just as important. Keeping the rather than fully erasing it can lead to cybersecurity threats. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the proper data erasing solution for your company, and it will be our pleasure to deliver the full service to you.

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