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Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a device or software used for monitoring emails being sent and received. A SEG is designed to filter away unwanted emails and delivers trusted ones. Unwanted messages include spam, phishing attacks, malware, or fraudulent content. Outgoing messages can also be analyzed to prevent sensitive data from leaving the company or to automatically encrypt emails that contain sensitive information. SEG functionality can be deployed as a cloud service, or as an on-premises appliance, depending on requirements.

Email Gateways will also offer protection from social engineering attacks, such as phishing or business email compromise. The gateway can check the domain of incoming emails, as well as scan for suspicious content within the email, to stop harmful content from coming into the network. Emails that have been marked as malicious are quarantined or rejected. Some systems allow the quarantined emails to be accessed by admins if necessary.

Alongside blocking incoming threats, Email Gateways will also scan outgoing content. This can help protect businesses from data loss. Many Email Gateways will provide Email Archiving functionality, which stores emails for legal compliance and data management. They will also provide business with Continuity features, which means that even if their email network goes down, they will still be able to access their emails. Email Gateways will also provide businesses with a management dashboard and a range of reports and analytics. These give businesses visibility into all email traffic in a network. This is important for businesses to gain insights into their network security.

Key features of SEG:

At TSC, we deliver the SEG service for all types of email servers, to most email solutions, and under any category of implementation, whether cloud-based and on-premises setups and more through an expert team who have delivered numerous SEG services successfully.

When we deliver the SEG services, we ensure selecting the best SEG solution to fit your company based on many considerations. This will increase SEG optimization and boost return of investment on SEG as well. Benefits of SEG include:

Deployment Options

Whether an organization wants to deploy email security as a cloud service or on-premises can be a major factor in choosing the right solution.

Spam Effectiveness

As one of the main features of a secure email gateway, organizations should review email archiving solution comparisons of vendors using real-world email traffic.

Malware Effectiveness

Another core ability of an email security solution is the ability to quickly and accurately detect and block malware using active analysis or URLs and attachments.

Threat Intelligence

Tied to the ability to detect and block malware, threat intelligence can help administrators understand how they are being attacked, what tactics are being used, and even which group is targeting them.

Outbound Content Control

Analyzing email leaving an organization to prevent sensitive data from leaving or automatically using encryption to enforce security policies.

Response Capabilities

If an email makes it to a user inbox and is subsequently found to be malicious, the ability to automatically locate and remove those emails will prevent subsequent attacks.

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