• Endpoint encryption

    Protect your final layer of security. Encrypt your endpoint

Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint encryption essentially protects the operating system from installation of “Evil Maid” attacks that can install a keylogger, corrupt boot files, or lock files stored on laptops, servers, tablets, and other endpoints to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the data.

Encryption is an essential component of a layered data security strategy. Companies typically incorporate multiple layers of protection, including firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and data loss prevention, and encryption acts as the last layer to protect data in case it falls into the wrong hands

A comprehensive endpoint encryption solution can enable IT departments to centrally manage all encrypted endpoints, including encryption that different vendors provide. The solution should monitor and audit encryption endpoints, as well as manage encryption policies and keys from a single console. Moreover, it should cover native encryption on devices, such as the encryption on Apple FileVault on OS X and Microsoft BitLocker on Windows.

Therefore, when selecting an endpoint encryption solution, it should cover a variety of management capabilities, such as:

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