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Identity Governance Administration and Life Cycle (IGA)

Identity Governance Administration and Life Cycle (IGA) systems provide additional functionality beyond standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. In particular, they help companies meet compliance requirements and enable them to audit access for compliance reporting. They also automate workflows for tasks such as access approvals and provisioning/de-provisioning.

IGA systems merge identity administration with identity governance; the former addresses administration accounts and credentials, provisioning, and managing entitlements, while the latter addresses the separation of duties, role management, logging, and analytics and reporting.

So, in addition to the IAM functionality, the IGA adds more key features, such as:

Who are you? What do you want? And why?

In an increasingly digital world, you need to make sure that people requesting access are who they say they are, but what about whether the right people have access to the right resources and for the right reasons? Only a comprehensive IGA program can tell you that.

IGA covers a lot of ground, from access reviews to lifecycle management to role-based access control and more. IGA offers a phased approach to deployment, whether cloud-based on-premises, so you do not have to roll out everything at once.

A phased approach

Automated processes

Spreadsheets and other manual tools for IGA do not cut it when you are dealing with a constantly changing workforce, a growing number of resources, and multiple access points. SecurID Governance and Lifecycle replaces slow, inefficient processes with fast, accurate automation.

Limited visibility into access makes effective governance impossible. SecurID Governance and Lifecycle provides the full visibility you need to uncover access anomalies and policy violations, and combines it with advanced analytics to prioritize problem areas for action.

Access visibility

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