One of Tech Stations national missions is to provide their security service under Saudi qualifications to assure the national security, and this is our vision. We provide lot of security services, please check the bellow brief about each of them:

Encryption Technology


Tech Stations is proud to be the exclusive partner in Saudi Arabia for Compumatica encryption company. Compumatica provides high-level security solutions for the protection of highly sensitive data transmitted over public or private networks. All Compumatica services is implemented through Saudi technical certified team. For more info about Compumatica please click here.


Security Operation Center (SOC)

Is a centralized unit deals with all the security issues, starting from monitoring, controlling and up to managing the security in the organization. With specific applications and appliances Tech Stations build the SOC for their clients, with covering all the facility requirements as well.

Vulnerability assessment

Designed to yield a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and are generally for clients who already understand that he have a problems in security and weaknesses and need someone to help. Tech Stations participate in this part with a specific advanced tools to check and resolve all the weaknesses.

Penetration Test

Designed to achieve a specific, attacker-simulated goal and should be requested by customers who are already at their desired security posture. Tech Stations already have their ethical hackers with a latest hacking concepts. So penetration test recommended after the vulnerability assessment.

Traffic Filtering

How to filter your unwanted data traffic from your network? This is our mission, we take care of knowing the permitted data traffic and we allow it, and what is the not permitted data and we block it, through multiple technologies and techniques.

Security Auditing

Is checking all the processes into the organization, analyze all the tiny details, modify and improve it to match the global security process modules and standards. Business and technical procedures are included into this service, all the organization procedures must be considered in our auditing.

Access Control

There are many options in the market for Access Control solution, our mission is to participate with our clients in selecting the best option, depends on multiple criteria such as sensitivity of rooms, integration with SOC and other solutions into the network and lot of other criteria Tech Stations choose the optimum solution for their clients.


Is the use of video cameras for monitoring, CCTV also have lot of options, there are wireless & wire types, fixes and PTZ (Pen Tilt Zoom) types as well. In addition there are lot of options in storing the video records into a storage. However Tech Stations is choosing the best option and impalement it under the vision of security, compatibility, integration and flexibility.

Security Policies

Is how to set a security policies into your servers, workstations, switches and routers. Checking the required policies in accessing, using, modifying all these machines under a global standardizations.

System Security

Is how to secure systems, applications and data bases, checking all the aspects and fields, identify the weakness points and resolve it securely.