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Application Management

Manage, troubleshoot, and optimize everything from your infrastructure to your end-user experience, including broad language support for your applications. Proactive measurement of web application’s availability and performance minimizing the risk of losing customers and prospects due to a poor user experience. Application Management Provides complete visibility into the performance and response time of your key business applications and transactions. The monitoring of the availability and performance of IT Hardware and Software computing, storage, and networking components. In addition, the monitoring and lifecycle management of large volume, time-series machine data created across information systems.

Without monitoring and management solutions, you would not be aware of updates or risks at the application layer. Even if the company has a monitoring and management solution but is not well-integrated or is not easy to manage, the usefulness of such a solution will be at its minimum. TSC will gladly help you, starting from the selection and ending with the final tuning of the project.

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

  • infrastructure monitoring.
  • Continuous visibility into hosts, containers, and your serverless environments. Know the moment there is an issue and minimize mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Rapidly drill down into minute details of a specific resource on a host or container from a high level on your infrastructure.
  • Find your way down to poor-performing lines of code.
  • Discover all the logs from the services associated with a transaction, reducing the time it takes to get to the root cause of application performance issues.
  • Know the impact host and container resources and availability are having on your application performance with combined dashboards and proactive, advanced alerting.
  • Maps and dashboards to keep you on top of the control efforts.

Web Performance Management

Make your websites faster and more reliable with easy-to-use web performance and digital experience monitoring.

  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Page speed monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Immediate alerts
  • Root cause analysis
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Outside-in, client-side monitoring

Log Management

Cloud-hosted log management for faster troubleshooting of infrastructure and application issues.

  • Aggregate logs
  • Tail and search logs
  • Instant alerts
  • Analyze logs
  • Scale logs
  • Encrypted logs
  • Filter logs
  • Clone existing alerts
  • Colorize links
  • Utilize command-line client

Log Monitoring and Analytics

See the data and metrics that matter from dozens of sources.

  • View app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues before they affect users.
  • Work well as a team using data and analysis with DevOps tools. Integrates with Slack, GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, custom webhooks, and more.
  • Analyze and visualize your data to answer key questions, track SLA compliance, and spot trends.

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