• Machines Physical Security

    Protect against Fire, Heat, Power Failure, and Water Damage

Machines Physical Security

A part of physical security is machine physical security, which refers to the means of securing the machines from any physical risk, i.e., protecting machine boxes regardless of the data inside. This kind of security should be carried out at early stages, but that is not say it could not be implemented later. It would be much easier, however, if we prepare for this kind of security from the beginning.

In order to ensure the highest coverage for machine physical security, this section has been divided into multiple layers with each layer containing multiple considerations to be covered:

What are machine physical risks and how to be protected?

Other than the non-authorized access by non-authorized people, there are other risks that threaten machine physical security. There are solutions for these threats as shown below:

Based on the size, location, sensitivity, and other considerations, we select the proper solutions for the company. The solutions can also differ between machines; data center machines, for example, are the most sensitive and important machines, so all security controls should be installed there. Network devices at the data rooms and cabinets will have a second level of security, and the final security controls will go to endpoint machines that need minimum controls.

What TSC does to ensure machine physical security?

Our mission starts from categorizing the machines and the required controls to formulate the required standards and roles, select the proper solutions, build and deliver the solution through qualified partners, ensure quality and continuity, and link all controls to monitoring systems.

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