• Network Access Control

    Endpoint access should be controlled and secured

Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access Control (NAC) helps enterprises implement policies for controlling devices and user access to their networks. NAC can set policies for resource, role, device, and location-based access and enforce security compliance in management policies, among other controls.

NAC is an effort to create order out of the chaos of connections from inside and outside the company. Personnel, customers, consultants, contractors, and guests all need some level of access. In some cases, access is on campus and at others, it is remote.

The most common use for NAC solutions is to restrict endpoint access to the network internally, either wired or wirelessly, based on the endpoint setup, profile, configurations, etc. NAC will take one of the following actions on endpoints depending on the endpoint matching for the security controllers (policies):

Implementing NAC with all the required controllers and policies is not difficult, but applying NAC into the network and checking if the network and endpoints follow the new restrictions is where the issue lies. The impact of applying the new restrictions may be too harsh for some endpoints, so a quick response to recover access for these endpoints is important and the time of recovery should be rapid. What we offer in TSC is provide a carefully constructed plan for all these actions, and dividing the application of the NAC to make it easier and well-controlled.

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