Tech Stations considered the network services as the main service, the strengths of Tech Stations is in this field. Tightening lot of subservices under a Saudi professional team, with minimizing the project period by very high efforts to reach our client satisfaction.

Thank you Cisco

Our partnership with Cisco systems add the most effective value for Tech Stations, the cooperation with them is delivering our under the latest updates and technologies.

Network & infrastructure services:

Tech Stations provide lot of services in this field, and here is a brief about it:

  • Infrastructure: Tech Stations is using the best materials in all projects, no cheap materials at all, from the fiber optics with all components until the pipes and conduits.
  • Network design: is designing the network under all the effective aspects such as performance, availability, redundancy, security and so on, with considering the budget matching as well. Also designing the network with future expansion vision is one of our concerns.
  • Network Implementation Plan (NIP): one of our network services even if Tech Stations isn’t the implementer, we may prepare a full implementation plan for your implementer, to show the tasks, periods, dates …etc. Also with drawing the physical & logical designs, command configurations with the tiny details.
  • Network implementation: After preparing the NIP the installation will be so easy, also the spending time will be less. Preparing the naming convention and labeling before implementing the service will guide us to the perfect deliverables. Tech Stations may configure the appliances in their lab as well; do the tests for these configurations before going production.
  • Network upgrade & immigration: the most important thing in this part is to install the network appliances with the minimum downtime, with knowing the risk and prepare the whole environment to avoid any losing.
  • As always, Tech Stations is interesting on transfer the knowledge to their customers before delivering the project, train them well, and then submit the final documentation, this is our approach in all projects.