• The entire network
    depends on how you design it

    We Design by Knowledge
    and as a Form of Art

Networking Designing

Designing in TSC is not merely approached as science, but we see it as a science and a form of art as well. We take care in design to ensure it is satisfactory to the client and us by answering many questions, most important of which are:

  • What is the reason behind the design?
  • What are the uses of this network?
  • What are the probabilities of expansion?

Then, our qualified engineers begin their scientific works, ensuring they cover everything in the design to come up with the best design for your need. We cover the following aspects in designing the network:


Designing based on what the client needs, no more or less. This means using suitable technologies for the required domain, location, etc.


Making sure the highest integration levels with the existing environment.


We always place security at top of our considerations, and so we design as per security recommendations.


We always consider the cost, thus we select the best solution for the best cost whether for establishing or operating the network.


In most networks, 30% of existing items can be utilized in a new network. We keep this in mind when designing.

Up to Date

We select the latest technologies to guarantee the maximum lifetime for the network.


Networks are always growing. That is why you should keep potential growth in mind to avoid extensive changes later.


Increase availability up to 24/7, keeping in mind other considerations.

This is not an easy undertaking as numerous details comes into play. All details must be covered properly, and here is where TSC shines. The first thing we start with here is define how many employees the company needs and what skillsets and qualifications are required. Most SOC staffing does not exceed the following:

TSC Design Journey:

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