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Network implementation

Network implementation is the core service and we take good care of core services. Our implementation covers the details of the details through a qualified and trained team to give you a robust network that will be with you for the long run.

A combination of multiple components are required to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity maturity for the company. Simply put, the more of these components have been executed well, the more mature the cybersecurity of the company will be.

To ensure the best quality of services and to guarantee the maximum return of investment, our implementation goes through multiple stages:


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A major step in ensuring a smooth network implementation is to have a detailed plan that outlines process steps, tasks, milestones, and roles and responsibilities for all involved.

Network implementation planning involves expert project planners who will review the high-level and detailed designs to prepare a ‘Network Implementation Plan’ document to serve as guidelines for implementing the design in the most efficient manner and with minimum disruption to your existing services.

Time, cost, and quality are the three pillars of planning network implementation.


We carry out delivery of the network components carefully and cleanly, in which everything is labeled and packed. TSC logistic team is equipped with tracking systems to ensure delivery on time no matter the location. Our storage facilities are available and secure if they are needed when components need to be delivered partially based on project demands.


Whenhgh the design is well-thought of and the plan is set according to the highest standards, execution will be smooth and straightforward. TSC’s qualified engineers and technicians will happily provide the full range of our network execution services:


Quality is not an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts. TSC cares about its reputation and client satisfaction. This is why we perform testing and commissioning to ensure the highest quality before we can see the delivery is closed. We test passive and connectivity components through the latest technologies and tools. In fact, we focus on configuration testing via tough procedures and come up with reports on all testing results.


As you run your network, and especially at first, you find it hard to recognize which device you should use or which cable you should plug in. Here is where labeling comes in to guide you in identifying network components easily. Moreover, if you do not have a specific naming convention for us to follow in naming and labeling, we can build a naming convention according to global standards practices.


Installation works will naturally require cleaning and tidying up after. So, at the finishing stage, we make sure everything returns better than before.


We know what documentation means for engineers and how they are lost without proper documentation. We are proud of the full documentation we provide as it covers all details of the project, high- and low-level designs, connections, configurations, etc. All documentation is well-structured with clear indexing allow anyone to learn the details in no time.

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