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Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a network security device that provides capabilities beyond a traditional stateful firewall. While a traditional firewall typically provides stateful inspection of incoming and outgoing network traffic, a next-generation firewall includes additional features like application awareness and control, integrated intrusion prevention, and cloud-delivered threat intelligence.

The Extra Mile

TSC goes the extra mile into providing NGFW services. This starts with selecting the right model based on your company’s size, type of services, branches, users, and many more considerations that include expansion plans.

The benefit of a firewall depends on how you install and configure it. There will be more benefit from the firewall if the configuration is well-tuned, and here is TSC’s role. We cover all required configurations to maximize the utilization of firewall functionality and capability. Through structured plans and an expert team, we drive this service to the max.

Tuned Configuration

Continuity and Simplicity

humans to remember all the details, especially in tracing issues if needed. Additionally, companies normally undergo several changes occasionally in response to business demand and updates, which can potentially make this undertaking both scary and difficult because. Firewall configuration is also affected by other configurations and this can make the whole thing too complicated. That is why we always recommend going for NGFW management solutions to simplify the matter. Moreover, our documents cover everything with best practices and naming convention criteria.

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