• Physical Access Control

    Control your doors and select your guests

Physical Access Control (PAC)

The first step in implementing physical security is Physical Access Control (PAC), which refers to restricting or allowing access to people in specific premises, campuses, buildings, areas, rooms, etc. The goal of PACS is to protect these locations from unauthorized physical access, protecting data and equipment.

These are a variety of options for PAC with different techniques and security levels. These depend on multiple considerations and factors to select the proper and required PACS, such as the company’s business nature, sensitivity of data, budget, location, etc. Our mission here is to assist you in selecting the proper physical access control system that matches your needs and complies with regulations.

Accurate assessment is required to select the most suitable solution of physical access control. Choosing the latest technologies that are more secured, cost effective, simple, and easy to manage is our mission.

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