Expanding the IT environment from network, applications, databases, servers, storages, links, users …etc point of view, need to expand the IT management staff, hire more technicians and engineers with a selective qualifications, add more tools & software to handle the new expansion. All these issues will overhead the organization, financially and even human recourses, also the results of this type of IT management may not be accurate, and will depends on the staff as well. Adding more services means adding more risk, risk in many aspects (security, performance, load …etc), all these aspects must be studied well, and identified well also before providing any new service.
Tech Stations offer an end-to-end solutions for network and security management, providing it with our qualified engineers and experts.
Security Operation Center & Network Operation Center (SoC & NoC) is a centralized unit equipped with a specific requirements to handle, manage, control, and monitor all the network traffics & the security aspects.

SoC & NoC survey:

To select the best choices for your SoC & NoC you must to implement a very accurate survey, checking all the aspects and requirements, analyze them well, then pick the final selections with considering the future expansion as well. This what Tech Stations do for their client with an advance survey technique and an expertise on the survey processes.

SoC & NoC software:

SoC & NoC depends on software and application, either if it’s within a hardware or without, to do their missions in monitoring and managing the environment. Selecting the software is different from network to other, and depends on many criterias. Tech Stations believes on the importance of selecting the SoC & NoC software, and select the suitable software based on their experience on this field. Tech Stations recommend SolarWinds as one of SoC & NoC software solution.

SoC & NoC facility:

Build & Construct a SoC & NoC under the global standardization is not an easy thing, covering all the details, considering the future expansion, measuring the network growth, calculating the natural disasters. Tech Stations provides more than this, our SoC & NoC facilities are certified centers from the global institutes (such as up-time)“based on request”.

SoC & NoC integrated services:

Any command center can’t operate without the integrated solutions, and we mean: phones, cams, access control …etc. Actually there are special integrated solutions specified for SoC & NoC purposes, suitable with the processes & procedures behaviors, and we take care all these details with the best and latest technologies, and with the fully integration with the SoC & NoC management software.

SoC & NoC screens & consoles:

There are lot of options for SoC & NoC screens, each option is suitable for a specific size and budget, and we know what to select for you. Also the management consoles for the support team have lot of options as well, we get involove more than this level, actually we identify what to review in each console, and what is the tasks for each technician and engineer. So all what we need is the chance to serve you with the maximum results for SoC & NoC solution, please don’t hesitate to contact our SoC & NoC team anytime.