• Vulnerability Assessment

    Find Vulnerabilities before Others Find Them

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment aims at identifying vulnerabilities in company networks and systems. The technique is used to estimate how susceptible the network is to different vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Assessment involves the use of automated network security scanning tools, whose results are listed in the report.

Why and when you need Vulnerability Assessment?

Simply, the Vulnerability Assessment will determine and define the risks, vulnerabilities, and potential vulnerabilities that the company may face.

The best practice for a normal company is to perform one Vulnerability Assessment a month to ensure covering all new updates in your environment.

TSC highly recommends carefully selecting a Vulnerability Assessment tool to optimize the results and organize them, effectively achieving the following:

Active scanning, agents, passive monitoring, cloud connectors, and CMDB integrations provide unified visibility and a continuous view of all of your assets, both known and previously unknown.

Using the proper tools that has the industry’s most extensive CVE and security configuration support to help you understand all your exposures.

Combine vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science for easy-to-understand risk scores to quickly assess risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first.

Vulnerability Assessment is not the equivalent to Penetration Testing. To know the difference, click here.

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