• More than 16 reasons to select TSC

    4X4 reasons


10+ Years​

10 years of experience
in numerous projects.

500+ Projects​

Completed more than 500
different projects.

400+ Clients​

More than 400
satisfiied clients.

Expert Team

Highly qualified team with international
certifications and unique experience.

Perfect Solution Designs

Match Your Needs​

When we discuss your needs, we cover everything that you require and you may require.

Are Compatible

Our solutions are always compatible
with your current environment.

Are Cost Effective​

We give you the most suitable technology to your needs with cost efficiency in mind.

Are Future Proof

We continuously keep your
future needs in mind.

Project Management

Professional Planning​

We Know projects are much easier to
implement when planned well, and so we depend on PMI standards.

Team Structure​

The delivery team is led by a project manager who reports to PMO. A Steering committee is also involved for high-level supervision.


We provide daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that offer all relevant parties complete visibility of what is going on.

Full Documentation​

Our documentation efforts cover
all aspects of the project, keeping everyone
involved in the loop.

TSC Ethics


TSC believes that credibility is the cornerstone for all businesses, and so we make it our priority.

Client First​

TSC believes that if the client is happy, then we have done our job. TSC always puts its clients first.


We at TSC understand our clients' unique needs and so we offer flexibility in everything, from the business model to the timeline.


Our reputation hangs on our commitment. That is why TSC shows equal commitment to all its clients.

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